Comedy to the rescue

SANDLE-WEARING environmentalists can be a bit self-righteous and didactic when it comes to saving the world.

Thankfully the show Global Gamble uses comedy to surreptitiously teach school kids about serious issues like greenhouse gases, climate change and the importance of being energy wise.

“Comedy and theatre combined is a powerful methodology to educate students as it provides a platform which engages the students on both an emotional and intellectual level,” says Tim Minturn, director of Echelon Productions.

“When kids laugh, they learn so much more willingly and enthusiastically.

• A sketch from the educational comedy show, Global Gamble. Photo supplied

“The story moves quickly to keep kids excited, and it’s that excitement that makes them so ready to absorb what they’re hearing and inspires them to take positive action.”

Global Gamble is an interactive show, with actors incorporating information from students into the energetic live sketches, such as their favourite band or something they always dreamed of having.

Student volunteers are also called up on stage to assist the performers in some of the scenes.

“For National Science Week 2017, we have two casts of two professional actors per cast, touring into schools all across Australia reaching over 15,000 secondary school students,” Minturn says.

Global Gamble is at Scitech, West Perth, on August 12, 10.30am to 4pm.

To find out more about national science week visit

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