Maier claims low Vincent morale

VINCENT council staff fear for their jobs and morale is low, says former councillor Dudley Maier

In July the Voice reported that 14 staff members had been offered redundancies or redeployment, some at a lower wage (‘Redundancy stoush’, Voice, July 22, 2017).

Mr Maier, who still keeps a close eye on council business and is in touch with staff regularly, said a lot of them are unhappy.

“In the 15 or so years I have had contact with Vincent staff I was always impressed with how careful they were in what they said about their work environment,” he told councillors during question time.

“But a couple of years ago I noticed a change. Staff were starting to refer to the place as “Vineroo,” he told the meeting, a reference to new CEO Len Kosova’s previous position at Wanneroo.

“They were saying things like ‘it isn’t a fun place to work any more’; that ‘there is no life in the staff room anymore’—which I took to be a reference to the diminished esprit d’corp. Worse still, they were starting to say that they feared for their jobs. And this was from staff members I had always respected for their solid work ethic and commitment to do the right thing by the community.”

Mr Kosova says Mr Maier’s claims were based on “hearsay and speculation” and he says he’s offered to discuss the issue directly with the former councillor but got rebuffed.

“The city has been on a constant and deliberate change journey for the past three years,” Mr Kosova told the Voice.

“In line with council’s priorities, we want to provide a better customer experience; to better respond to community needs; and to provide even better value for money for the services and facilities we offer.

“We cannot achieve these outcomes by standing still, relying on the status quo and taking a business as usual approach to what we do and how we do it.”

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