Muchas gracias

I’M not a well-travelled man and I’ve never been anywhere near Spain.

But friends who have been there tell me that Pinchos in Leederville is the closest I’ll get to an authentic tapas experience in Perth.

I’m always excited to eat at Pinchos, as the food is of the highest quality and Leedy has a pumping vibe.

The record store, the bars and the boutique clothing shops are always full of diverse punters—teens fuelling their acne breakouts at Grill’d, families gathering to enjoy a cheap feed at Siena’s and hipsters having a late night coffee, before watching The Human Centipede at Luna.

Slap bang in the middle of this social smorgasbord is Pinchos, one of Perth’s best casual dining restaurants.

At Pinchos you order food by ticking a paper menu, which is whisked to the kitchen by a waiter approaching the speed of light.

The process reminds me of passing a love note to a girlfriend at school, but this time the girl is pork belly, which has a date with my mouth.

The menu is a real dilemma because everything is so tempting, including croquettes, organic beef meatballs, mushrooms with blue cheese, fried calamari, slow cooked beef cheeks and rosemary honey lamb. Foodie heaven.

I love a good porking and couldn’t get past it on the menu, ordering the chicharrones ($10.90), a large dish overflowing with chunky pork belly cubes.

The juicy and tender meat was insulated by crispy, salty crackling, and every mouthful was delicious.

Scattered on the top of the dish was some dukka, which tasted indulgent after it absorbed the fatty juices oozing from the pork.

My main course, solomillo ($21)—tender pork fillet, stuffed with jamon and wrapped in prosciutto—was so good it almost drew a tear.

The fillet was perched on a bed of truffle mushrooms with a splash of rich tarragon cream.

With all this pork on the menu I was curious to know if it was locally sourced, as good value meals of this size are hard to find.

“All our food is sourced from local WA suppliers including our Linley Valley free range pork belly,” says Justin Bell, Pinchos owner.

“When needed, some of our produce is imported direct from Spain like the Jamon Iberico, aged for three years.”

I wasn’t surprised. The food was so fresh and everything I’ve eaten here has been faultless and of exceptional value.

Just go!


112-124 Oxford Street,

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