Science – Career of the Future

Last Wednesday students at Perth’s International School of Western Australia (ISWA) enjoyed an inspiring prelude to National Science Week, with a visit from esteemed neuroscientist and educator Professor Lyn Beazley AO.

Speaking at ISWA’s City Beach campus on the future of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in Australia, Professor Beazley gave an engaging talk on various research and discovery fields in WA, such as agriculture, public health, medicine, astronomy, genetic diseases and marine biology.

The students enjoyed Professor Beazley’s visit immensely and were able gain insight into how STEM relates to their futures, as well as the incredible achievements already made by WA scientists. Year 12 student Jamie Dehouck explained: “It’s easy to just think of science as as a school subject you have to take. But when Prof Beazley visited, she provided an interesting point of view, showing that science is so much more than that. It can be applied to every part of your life. She was very inspirational and I now have even higher regard for scientists and those in STEM-related careers.”

Professor Beazley is an excellent ambassador for STEM and for all WA students contemplating a STEM-related career. ISWA Head of Science/STEM Simonetta Cavilli commented: “Lyn has contributed enormously to the progress of scientific discovery in WA. She is an excellent communicator and educator and a wonderful advocate for science. We definitely look forward to her visiting ISWA again later during the year.”

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