Funny flight of fancy

THERE aren’t too many people who have upstaged Jim Carrey.

But Rhys Darby’s performance in the 2008 comedy Yes Man, was the highlight of a truly underwhelming movie.

The Kiwi actor/comedian has appeared in numerous films and TV shows, but he’s best known for playing Murray Hewitt, the inept band manager in HBO’s Flight of the Conchords.

Darby will go back to his stand up roots this month when he performs his new show, Mystic Time Bird, in Perth.

• Rhys Darby

“Stand up comedy comes naturally to me,” Darby told the Voice.

“I guess I have funny bones, so it doesn’t matter what platform I choose, as long as there’s a scope to be funny, I’ll enjoy it.”

A self-confessed perfectionist, Rhys says he enjoys working in TV and film, but stills enjoys improvisational comedy, “because it’s the rawest form and I find it’s the most likely source for finding gold.”

When he’s not writing gut-busters, Darby is into cryptozoology, the study of creatures unclassified by science, like Nessie and Bigfoot.

“I’m definitely a Yeti man myself,” Darby said feverishly.

“Although it’s thought to be an alpine version of Bigfoot, thus a primate, it makes no sense for it to exist.

“Local witnesses throughout the centuries however swear by their observations that giant, hairy hominoids loom in the Himalayans.

“I like the idea that they are smart enough to avoid humans.”

• Jim and Carrey and Rhys Darby in Yes Man.

Atavistic energy

Darby says he has incorporated some of that atavistic energy into Mystic Time Bird.

“It’s my weirdest, wildest, most physical stand up show to date,” Darby says.

“More than just laughs though, it comes with a message to all humans.

“We mustn’t fear each other. Look after the planet and love your fellow person.

“It’s a warning of sorts, for the birds that were here before we arrived will still be here long after we’ve gone!”

Having previously performed in Perth, Darby remembers a city where the beaches are balmy and the beer flows.

“Tis a place of bountiful leisure and food with great weather and plenty of room to move!” he says.

We apologise in advance for the terrible weather you’re in for, Rhys.

Mystic Time Bird is at the Astor Theatre on August 25.

Tickets and details at


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