Verge surge

A FREE event in Maylands teaching locals how to turn their verges into food-producing micro-farms has attracted massive interest, booking out in 24 hours.

The Urban Food Street Story will be hosted by Caroline Kemp and Duncan McNaught, a Queensland couple that popularised the food-on-public-land concept eight years ago.

• Caroline Kemp and Duncan McNaught.

Bayswater councillor Chris Cornish got in touch with the pair after the Sunshine Coast council started pulling out plants on their verges, saying they didn’t comply with the city’s strict new insurance requirements.

While they were chatting, Ms Kemp and Mr McNaught learned that Bayswater council was a bit more public-garden friendly, with Cr Cornish pushing through a measure last year to allow residents to plant verge gardens without city approval, and now he’s invited them over to share their story on how they turned barren, patchy Queensland verges into ickle farms.

The Urban Food Street Story, on August 31 at the Rise, booked out in 24 hours, but Cr Cornish says they’re looking at streaming the event online.


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