LETTERS 26.8.17

In the trough
FURTHER to letters from McLennan and Bouzidis re Bayswater Budget blowout, the responsibility for the purchase of Regional Open Space is with the WAPC, not the City of Bayswater.
The city’s proposed $2 million or so expenditure to buy the other half of the Carter wetland is the end result of incompetent town planning.
Employee costs jumping nearly $3 million seems to be proof positive that “snouts are in the trough”!
Greg Smith
Rose Ave, Bayswater

Rates rage
DOUG McLENNAN was spot on in his letter (“Baysy budget blow out,” Voice, August 19, 2017) as was George Bouzidis a week earlier(“Baysy beef,” Voice, August 12, 2017).
City of Bayswater councillors should be ashamed to be the top of the local government class with the highest increase in 2017/2018 rates. At 4.95 per cent they were streaks ahead of the next highest-taxing council, Victoria Park on 3.5 per cent.
What were they thinking to impose such an exorbitant increase upon the city’s ratepayers, many of whom are already struggling to pay their day-to-day expenses and many small businesses who are battling to make a profit.
Why did councillors agree to a 17 per cent increase to the ‘rate in the dollar’ in a Landgate property revaluation year? Why did the mayor announce a 4.95 per cent increase in rates revenue in the Bayswater Budget Bulletin when the council resolution stated that “the 2017/18 rates increase equates to an increase in rates revenue of 4.9 per cent”? Or is it actually a 6.9 per cent increase in total rates revenue as stated in Doug McLennan’s letter?
Why did the council agree to increase rates for some residential properties in Maylands by 11 per cent and larger commercial properties by more than 28 per cent?
What are the small businesses (who are already struggling in the current economic climate) going to do to recoup such extraordinary rates increases? Businesses get NO help form this council – e.g. NO action to sort out anti-social problems in Maylands! Plus check out the poor state of Caledonian Avenue on Guilford Road!
How can any local government justify such an increase to its ratepayers when its largest expenses category is “governance and administration” which increased by a mere $3.8 million (55 per cent) in the past financial year? This category equates to an incredible 13.3 per cent of Bayswater’s total expenditure?
Why are ratepayers paying such a high price for this council’s short-slighted and politically naive decisions, and the lack of councillors with small business expertise? Time for change at Bayswater!
Frankly, the whole bayswater Council deserves to be sacked by the minister for local government.
Dominic Cuscuna
Guilford Road, Maylands

It’s not me you need to talk to
IN response to my recent comments at a Vincent council meeting about staff morale (“Maier claims low Vincent morale,” Voice, August 12, 2017), Vincent CEO, Len Kosova, said my comments were based on hearsay and speculation, and that I had rebuffed his offer to discuss the issue.
Firstly, the comments you reported were comments I received directly from Vincent staff and were not hearsay.
I believe the ‘hearsay’ he refers to were further comments I relayed from community members who had told me of staff members saying that they did not feel valued and feared for their jobs, and that those community members felt things were getting worse in terms of service delivery, with letters and phone calls not being answered etc..
As a way forward I suggested that the CEO and council consider establishing an independent review that will give the staff a chance to have a say, much like the previous CEO had done. This would establish if there was indeed a morale problem, and if there was, would provide guidance on how to address it.
As to the CEO’s claim that I had rebuffed his offer to discuss the issue. I said what I wanted to say at the meeting.  In any case, it is not me he should be talking to but his staff.
Dudley Maier

Move on
OF rapidly diminishing significance is any penalty that the State Administrative Tribunal might now impose on the Lord Mayor of Perth.
This for oversights that Mrs Lisa Scaffidi long ago acknowledged and expressed deep regret.
Whatever imposition the hibernating tin Gods in the SAT might eventually settle for, it’s morphing to become a face-saving ploy for the SAT; and for the state government.
Meanwhile Mrs Scaffidi, with consistent energy worthy of legend, continues to exceed by far our traditional expectations regarding a lord mayor.
Ron Willis,
First Ave, Mt Lawley

FOR sheer loyalty, you can’t go past Ron Willis, who can see past the serious misconduct and Act breaches, to all the great things our Lord Mayor does. And that should be enough, he reckons. To reward this one-eyed barracking, we’re sending Ron off to the Terrace Hotel for a feed. You’ll have your voucher soon, Ron.

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