Police order protest penis to be deflated

ABOUT 350 people turned up to a snap rally on Saturday in support of marriage equality.

One in a series of rallies hosted by Equal Love WA urging people to vote “yes” in the lead-up to the national plebiscite on marriage equality, the event caused some controversy when police ordered a gigantic blow-up penis to be deflated.

The penis was being carried by gay activists The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and featured Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull’s name in large letters.

• Police took the wind out of this penis protest.

“The good sisters tried to make a run for it but we were stopped by six uniformed policemen and told that there had been a complaint about our placard and they were going to [confiscate] it if it was not deflated,” said Mother Gretta, decked out in the order’s usual nun’s outfit.

“So much for freedom of speech.”

Ros Weatherall from police media confirms “police asked two people to deflate the object, due to the multiple complaints they received”.

“It will be interesting to see what placards the No campaign are allowed to have when they hold a rally,” Mother Gretta pondered.

While the Voice hasn’t spotted any egregious campaign material locally, posters have popped up in Melbourne urging “Stop the fags” and citing made-up statistics about the ill-fate of children raised by same sex couples.

Equal Love WA is planning a series of rallies before the vote leading up to their big “Yes Festival” on October 7 at Russell Square at 1pm.


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