Hamilton Senior High: End of an Era

At the end of this year, Hamilton Senior High School will close, making way for the exciting new Fremantle College.

To treasure the past, celebrate the present and look to the future, we invite the school community of the past 56 years to our campus on Sunday 10 September from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

As we look back on the last five decades, we are proud of what our school community has accomplished in the Cockburn area.

Our school community has always had a strong spirit. Many memories have been created at the school over the years. During our jubilee celebrations in 2013, past students looked back on their ‘Hami’ days with fondness. Many have sent their own children to the school, and some of our teachers have taught the children of past students.

Many remember the days in the 1970s where the concept of sub-schools was created, with each sub-school having its own head and set of teachers. Creating these little schools within a big school may have seemed a little out there at the time, but those students say it created a safe and empowering place of learning.

And a wry little smile forms as past students remember the times of Russian Reading (USSR or Uninterrupted and Sustained Silent Reading!) each day after recess where everyone – students and staff alike – read in silence.

There are also the countless sports carnivals, art events, school debates and alumni success stories that have helped shape our history. In each class, teachers supported student to develop their talents and abilities and work towards achieving their dreams. Along the way, lifelong friendships were made.

Our school community has always celebrated the diverse cultural backgrounds of our students, with many of our first students coming from hardworking migrant families when Spearwood was full of thriving market gardens.

Our staff have always worked hard to make Hamilton a safe, inclusive and welcoming school. We are proud that our students have come to us from many backgrounds and we have been able to celebrate their diversity, knowing though that they all leave with one thing in common – a great education and a great start in life.

A school is so much more than just the buildings. It’s the people in a school who all work towards the same thing – to provide children with the knowledge and skills for success.

As we reflect on the past and celebrate treasured memories, we also look towards the future and the opportunities being opened up for our students. As they continue their learning journey, they take the Hami spirit with them, setting the foundations for a future where they can become whatever they want to be.

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