Summer is  Coming

Does your air conditioner need a service or upgrade? With the warmer weather approaching it’s time to ensure your system is working efficiently. Often the first sign that your air conditioner needs a service is that your electricity bills start to rise.

Another more worrying problem is harmful mould and bacteria that can build up inside the fan coils. Over time, the mould spores dislodge from the unit and get blown into the air, potentially creating health problems for your family.

Lekcom Air Conditioning is your trusted air conditioning installation expert. Lekcom installs, repairs and maintains all brands of air conditioning. They also sell a selection of quality units chosen for reliability, price and noise levels.

In addition to servicing the general public, Lekcom also supplies and installs air conditioning for Independent Living Centres, Neurological Council of WA, Dept of Housing and Lotterywest.

Lekcom Air Conditioning and Solar Design
Phone 0421 128 719

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