LETTERS 30.9.17

Get a room
THANK you for the disgusting photo of the two “men” kissing on the front page of The Voice.
Whatever is happening to this world, is it all turning queer?
And these “people” are actually proud of themselves ?
It made me shudder and all the more determined now to cast my NO vote.
Thank you again.
Reg Johnson

Kids brainwashed by lefties
MINISTER for the environment, Stephen Dawson MLC, noting he’d received a lot of letters from school children calling for the ban on placcy bags.
My God—these terrible left wing tree-hugging teachers indoctrinating our children!
Next thing we know is that he will be inundated with letters from school children requesting a greening of our suburbs and state so that these children and their children will be able to breath clean air and enjoy the benefits of tree shade during extreme temperatures, like the City of Vincent has undertaken with some of the other local government councils are following suit.
Nick Agocs
Grand Promenade, Bedford

Rates regulation
I BELIEVE the local government department needs to update/improve its laws and rules for all councils and councillors and regulate all rate increases (taxpayers are also ratepayers).
Forty to fifty years ago councillors were unpaid volunteers, not now, times have changed.
I agree all councillors and mayors need to be paid for their time, but at present most councillors and mayors, as volunteers, receive a high yearly allowance for a part time job, with paid travel, sickness/leave benefits, numerous allowances  and benefits—all paid by ratepayers (some councillors are paid more than double the pension benefits plus free benefits).
Councillors are allowed to increase rates/their own yearly allowances, with no fiscal responsibility.
Many councillors seem to forget it’s ratepayers’ money.
I think improving rules/laws in respect to councils and councillors are overdue and the local government department needs to act before the next rate year.
Trudy Dean
Armada Street, Bayswater 

Safety first
I’D like to talk about community safety: I have had two extremely negative experiences in Maylands Town Centre in past few weeks, including a large group of people on Eighth Avenue swearing and yelling at people on the street and in the shops, and a man threatening a café worker with murder and sexual violence.
The second incident took place within a metre of the outside tables of Henry’s, which were full at the time.
Both times the police were called, but did not attend.
I have no idea how the businesses along the strip are surviving with this sort of thing happening regularly.
Shop keepers I have spoken to estimate foot traffic is less than half of what it was two years ago.
I want Maylands to be a vital, active town centre where everyone feels safe.
It only takes one incident like the two I’ve witnessed in the past few weeks to mean that new people visiting our town will never come back, and locals will feel nervous about spending time in the Maylands Town Centre.
I support efforts by local member Lisa Baker and councillor Catherine Ehrhardt to have turnstiles installed at the Maylands Train Station to reduce open access to our town centre.
I would also like to see the Shopfront (which I believe provides a vital service to the community) relocated to somewhere with less potential for conflict with our town centre.
I want Maylands to be an active, vibrant community where we can all feel safe.
Kate Thomson
Candidate for Bayswater South Ward

Acceptism is the key
EVERY day we read of the demarcation disputes of racism, whites against blacks, blacks against whites.
This an incorrect subjection of thought, that the demographic of political geography has caused a political racism to exist at all.
Racism has raised its ugly head over what has now become a difference of political religion without the actual use of coloured races.
What many people need to understand is, that it is not the colour of my skin nor the colour of my blood (which in any case is the same as yours), it is the thinking man’s brain that cannot distinguish between the morals of a religious society and that of an immoral one.
We as a race of humans (homo-sapiens) need to accept that we all have an opinion and are entitled to the freedom of speech without fear or favour that we must accept that each of us are different in our thoughts and beliefs, that we should be allowed to express this freedom without the fanatical ideologies of a perverse society, that we must be protected from such ideology.
If we are to progress into another millennium of growth as a species then we must accept these differences and move on to a more friendlier path.
Terrance Weston
Cheney Loop, Secret Harbour

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2 responses to “LETTERS 30.9.17

  1. Thank you for your disgusting and vitriolic rant Reg Johnson. As if it was any surprise that you would be voting NO.
    Those two “men”,who are real “people” like you and me, were simply expressing their love for each other.
    And soon they will be able to marry each other like everyone else, NO thanks to your kind. And by “your kind” I mean all of the bigoted homophobes.
    All you have done is to “out” yourself as one. You make me shudder…

  2. The media always depicts gay marriage as same sex kissing why? No wonder that news is portrayed as fake news when it consists only of crime reporting, sport and determined attempts to change society by advocating such issues as same sex marriage, a growing number no longer watch the news or buy a newspaper, the reason is clear: propaganda and fake news are being rejected, rather than having the University indoctrinations of some intellectual regurgitation shoved down their throats the public is searching elsewhere for less one sided balanced news.

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