LETTERS 14.10.17

Well spoken
AS usual a very readable Speaker’s Corner contribution to the Perth Voice by Michael Sutherland (“Misbehaving Members”, October 7, 2017), pointing out the history of our system of government (Westminster) under a constitutional monarchy and its drawbacks.
The system and institutions we have in place, good and bad, are from our being a constitutional monarchy and not from being a democracy because we aren’t one.
We have the right to elect representatives to our parliaments but we do not have the democratic right to popularly elect our head/s of state.
Politicians, etc. are dragging down and doing a great disservice to our constitutional monarchy by falsely claiming we are a democracy because the feeling of being “conned” for their political gain sucks, big time!
When you look at the situation in New Zealand now, the recent British elections, and unforgettably the government of Julia Gillard—formed by a coalition with the Greens that demanded a carbon tax for their support and with deals made with independent reps—then the claim by politicians (e.g. PM John Howard) that we are a democracy and the people elect the government, which is the answer to an Australian citizenship test question, is ludicrous.
Of course, any party politician in the British commonwealth of nations who does not advocate we are a democracy and daringly declares we are not one will find themselves flying alone.
How many people out there would lose their positions too?
I do agree though with Michael Sutherland that there should be changes but dramatically so.
The foundations are there.
Gordon Westwood
Coode Street, Maylands

Proud men
IN response to Reg’s letter (“Get a room”, Voice, September 30, 2017), thanks for your comments about our relationship and questioning our humanity.
We, not “men” or “people” as you referred to us, but proud men and proud people, and we still hold our heads high despite having endured criticism from homophobes all our lives.
Our wedding photo, taken by the extremely talented Jacqueline Jane Van Grootel, shows us kissing—as most couples’ wedding photos would.
We’re sorry, Reg, that you were offended by our photo, however we are proud of our relationship.
Our friends and family have stood beside us in this campaign and are also proud of us, particularly for allowing our relationship to be so publicly displayed in The Voice, and on the City of Vincent Facebook page.
We’re not asking for anything more or less than fairness and equality; to be treated as equals in society.
This debate is hurting a lot of people—and we urge anyone, particularly those in the LGBTIQA+ community who may be experiencing negative thoughts or feelings about yourselves to contact services such as Life Line or QLife to get support that is available.
Reg, we don’t understand why you would get your knickers in a twist over two consenting adults kissing, when there are real issues such as homelessness, poverty and growing income inequality for society to deal with; where is your anger about those and other social justice issues?
Elliot Sawyers
Lord Street, Highgate

Diversity need
IT was interesting to read your front page article concerning women in local government, (“Women, we need you!”, Voice, October 7, 2017).
History has shown that Vincent council has had a fairly even gender balance from day one, and that voters look beyond gender when making a decision.
What I found interesting about the article was the quote that “there are numerous studies that show gender diverse and representative teams are more innovative, effective and perform better than those with limited gender, age or cultural diversity.”
At present, 75 percent of Vincent council are thirty-somethings with two kids.
Hardly the diverse, representative group we need to be innovative, effective or to perform better.
As they say in the classics—pot, kettle, black.
Dudley Maier
Chatsworth Road, Highgate

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