Hidden gem

WE’VE been missing out on Food Monkey Cafe.

I’m not sure how this little gem near the corner of Lake and Newcastle Streets in Northbridge has escaped us, but so far I’m the first Voice journo to drop in.

The weather was bordering on miserable and the indoor seating looked, from the street, to be an office next door, so I almost bypassed it again.

I’m so glad I didn’t.

Given the weather and being a Tuesday, there wasn’t a great deal in the display cabinet, but the specials menu promised Asian vegies and noodles topped with a fried egg, which seemed a good tonic for the chill.

And from the first mouthful it lived up to its promise; it was very special indeed.

The soy-based sauce could have plonked it in the wok of any great street vendor in China, as did the perfectly-cooked egg noodles.

Roasted eggplant added a nice twist and creaminess to the dish, as well as complementing the texture of the noodles to ensure it slid down oh-so-easy.

The remaining vegies were lovely and fresh, and the egg fried to perfection.

It was the perfect lunch size and at $14.50 excellent value.

I slipped in a mango smoothie ($6.95) in the hope it would summon some warm weather.

It didn’t, but it was sweet and creamy enough to lift my mood anyway.

A small sweet from the display cabinet ($4) was a little disappointing, as it had clearly passed its best days, but it wasn’t much of a damper on an otherwise excellent meal.

Food monkey is also a ripper at breakfasts, I hear.


Food Monkey Cafe
101-103 Lake Street,
Mon – Fri, 6am – 2.30pm
Sat, Sun 7am – 12pm

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