Pooch poisoned

AN adorable dog has been badly poisoned in Maylands just a couple of weeks after the RSPCA reported a rise in pet poisonings.

Karen and Reg Oates from Tourer Court are in their 70s and pet dogs Beer and Cooper are “children” to them.

Last week the couple found Beer in their yard in terrible pain with his blood and diarrhoea everywhere.

He was rushed to a vet where he had to stay under observation as he’d been severely poisoned.

“I contemplated whether I should pen this note as I did not want to give the sick person, who left the poison bait that put our harmless dog through so much agony, the pleasure that they crave,” Ms Oates wrote to the Voice.

• Maylands pooch Beer (left) was poisoned last week. His brother Cooper is okay. Photo supplied

“We are all allotted but a short life on this earth, whether we be human or animal.

“It really costs nothing to be understanding, kind and giving.

“Living life this way, I guarantee, will make you feel much happier and rewarded.”

She told the Voice that Beer doesn’t bark at people and isn’t loud, only yapping a bit when dogs walk along the back lane.

He’s now home but is still feeling poorly and sticking very close to Karen and Reg.

In late September the RSPCA reported a rise in dog poisonings, saying that dogs killed by rat bait die in terrible pain and anyone found guilty of poisoning an animal can be fined up to $50,000 or get five years in prison.


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