Extend your house outdoors
You might be surprised to learn that most of the clients that Patio Living help to redesign their backyard have often spent years trying to find the inspiration to start the project.
This is often because the solutions that have been provided in the past simply didnt fit the clients needs or failed to grasp the fact that the new structure needed to feel like a natural extension to the home and not a kit.
At Patio Living the design team headed by Nick Jolley listen to your needs and are more interested in the architecture and style of your own home and how it might be extended sympathetically rather than any preconceived solution that would look tacked on.
The 3D image attached to this editorial gives you an idea as to the quality of the drawings they can produce so that you can picture your dream alfresco extension on your own home.

Patio Living
Suite 15, Plaistowe Mews, West Perth.
Phone 9322 3777

Summer  is Coming
Does your air conditioner need a service or upgrade? With the warmer weather approaching it’s time to ensure your system is working efficiently. Often the first sign that your air conditioner needs a service is that your electricity bills start to rise.
Another more worrying problem is harmful mould and bacteria that can build up inside the fan coils. Over time, the mould spores dislodge from the unit and get blown into the air, potentially creating health problems for your family.
Lekcom Air Conditioning is your trusted air conditioning installation expert. Lekcom installs, repairs and maintains all brands of air conditioning. They also sell a selection of quality units chosen for reliability, price and noise levels.
In addition to servicing the general public, Lekcom also supplies and installs air conditioning for
Independent Living Centres, Neurological Council of WA, Dept of Housing and Lotterywest.

Lekcom Air Conditioning and Solar Design
Phone 0421 128 719

Restore,  Repair, Renovate
Build Strut specialises in home restorations, repairs and renovations. Owned and operated by Chris Picone and assisted by head consultant Rick Williams, both with over 25 years industry experience, Build Strut takes great pride in providing outstanding service and value for money. All work is backed by an unconditional guarantee.
Whether you’re selling or just need general maintenance done, Build Strut can help you assess and prioritise. Structural damage is not always as bad as it seems! Repairs can be carried out to all aspects of your property, from the foundations to the roof. Build Strut’s team of qualified tradespeople can repair brickwork, timber & ceilings, mend sagging roofs, replace broken tiles and replace old doors & windows.
If you’re thinking of restoring or renovating, talk to Build Strut. Their free consultation service is the best way to work out a plan that fits your vision and budget. Rejuvenating your home or investment should be an enjoyable process and with Build Strut as your partner, it can be. For more information, please call Chris on 0400 377 198 or Rick on 0401 293 343.

Build Strut

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