The perfect blend

THE Maltings is a first-rate example of urban renewal because it successfully blends heritage and history with modern living.

And you don’t have to take my word for it—those are the words of former Urban Development Institute of Australia president and lifetime member Peter Lanigan, just after he’d given the Palmerston Street development a national award in 2006.

The complex began life in 1903 as the Perth Pneumatic Malting Company, providing David William Harwood’s brewery with malt.

He added a brewery to the site in 1910, but it was later sold and the brewery shut down as the new owners struck a deal with the Swan Brewery to focus on the malt.

It continued as a viable operation wright up to the late 1990s, when it was sold to Australand to develop the award-winning apartment complex that stands there today.

It beautifully blends buildings considered too important to demolish with new, sensitive apartments, and the grounds are a fascinating series of nooks and crannies where you might catch a quiet bit of sunshine or stumble across a bit of historic equipment. It’s even got its own museum.

And I bet there’d be few apartments amongst the 137 that’d match this two-bed beauty in the old barley store.

It’s owned by two architects who spent a mini-fortune turning it into a uber-chic home that maximises its space—there was even room for their own bar.

The open-plan kitchen and dining area is united by a beautiful, chocolatey-brown pressed-tin ceiling, while next door the lounge’s white walls ensure it doesn’t get too dark and gives the impression of extra space.

Bi-fold cabinets in the kitchen give you a little extra storage space, which comes in handy given they made sure there was a 900mm chef’s grade stovetop, microwave, double-fridge with ice-maker and dishwasher to fit in there as well.

There are two courtyards, one facing out to Palmerston Street and the other internally to a covered walkway in the complex.

If you’re feeling a little reflective, perhaps the inner courtyard’s for you, while in your more gregarious moods you can mix it with the punters walking down Palmerston to the myriad of restaurants and cafes towards Perth.

The complex also features a great lap pool, gym, sauna, and residents lounge that can be booked out for birthdays or functions.


5/65 Palmerston Street, Perth
Expressions of Interest
Pam Herron | 0413 610 660
Jon Adams | 0413 610 662
Beaufort Realty
9227 0887

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