LETTERS 28.10.17

Lisa’s long goodbye
LISA Scaffidi’s two supporters on Perth council, Yong and McEvoy, finished 8th and 9th at the elections.
It is surely long overdue that the “Right Honourable” lord mayor (suspended) did the right and honourable thing and resigned.
The City of Perth ratepayers deserve a break.
Paul Griffin
Haig Park Circle, East Perth

SO if our secular constitution allows same-sex marriage, many Christians want their religious freedom to allow to discriminate against those in a same-sex marriage for not being equal.
All this discrimination in the name of alleged loving, kind and considerate God who probably doesn’t exist.
Should some extremist muslims, also in the name of religious freedom, be allowed polygamy, female genitalia mutilation, child marriage, killing of gays, executing for apostasy, blasphemy and adultery and caning for sipping alcohol, in the name of loving, caring and considerate Allah that may not exist either?
Not to mention allowing many other evil practices of other religions in the name of religious freedom in secular Australia.
Alex Mulla
Smith St, Highgate

Congratulations, Paul Griffin! You’ve won our letter of the week competition and a $50 lunch voucher from The Terrace Hotel Restaurant, 237 St Georges Terrace. If you would like to be in the running for letter of the week, make sure you email us your ripper at news@perthvoice.com.

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