Girl power

FOR the first time in its history Vincent council has more female than male councillors.

Joanne Fotakis and Alex Castle were elected with a strong showing at the council elections on Saturday, tipping the female-male councillor balance to 5-4.

Both were backed by mayor Emma Cole and Ms Fotakis got 1,791 votes and Ms Castle got 2,053. Ryan Dawson came third with 993 and Aaron Olszewski fourth with 853.

During the campaign, Ms Cole said she’d like to see more women on council as local governments are traditionally male-heavy.

The issue is two-fold at Vincent, as all the directors and the CEO are gents.

• Joanne Fotakis and Alex Castle with mayor Emma Cole (centre). File photo

It was a close race for the two spots in south ward, with just a few hundred votes between first and last place and both incumbents returned.

Josh Topelberg won a third term with 1,548 votes, and after being on council for only eight months after his by-election win, Jonathan Hallett is back for a full term with just two fewer votes (1,546).

Mai Nguyen once again just missed out on a spot (1,457 votes), having fallen slightly short at the by-election earlier this year, and former Vincent planner Joshua O’Keefe had 1,285.

It wasn’t a huge turnout for what’s usually a politically switched-on area, with a turnout rate of 28.79 per cent in north ward and 26.69 per cent in south.


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