Scaffidi allies ousted

SATURDAY’S local government election saw two of lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi’s allies voted out of office, with Judy McEvoy defeated after 20 years on Perth council and Keith Yong gone after one term.

Newcomer Steve Hasluck topped the field of 16 with 2209 votes, and Reece Harley (the pair had endorsed each other in their candidate statements) was second with 2056. James Limnios is returned for a third term with 2009 votes, and his endorsed candidate Lexi Barton was elected with 1989 votes.

It’s a stark contrast to the 2013 election, where all four candidates endorsed by the lord mayor were elected.

Ms Scaffidi has just two remaining allies on council—Jim Adamos and Janet Davidson—along with Lily Chen who usually votes the same way.

Following the result, WA premier Mark McGowan urged Ms Scaffidi to stand down.

“I think the electors have sent another message that she should stand down,” he said.

But Ms Scaffidi’s announced she won’t back down.

She told 6PR on Monday morning that the election result was part of a “deliberate campaign” by several Labor party elements to de-seat her.

Political influence

“The premier is really acting only under instruction from [local government minister David] Templeman and [Perth MP John] Carey and the ‘union left’ as it’s known, who I’m told control the current premier’s every move and they all want me gone,” she said on 6PR.

“I know your listeners might not believe a lot of what I have to say because my name has been muddied through this process, but certainly the wider public and more sadly the City of Perth stakeholders do not appreciate the political influence that is currently at play.

“There has been a very deliberate campaign afoot against me for three to four years and it has been driven by the one who wants the position of lord mayor the most, and that person’s political connections have certainly swung in strongly behind him.

“The wrecking ball that I’m accused of swinging has actually swung by one and then by two who will duel it out for the deputy lord mayoral position tomorrow evening.”

Mr Templeman described that as a “conspiracy theory” that wasn’t helping the council get back on track.

PR professional Dianne Bain came fifth, getting 1710 votes but missing out on a seat, then it was a long drop to the next nearest candidate Natasha Tang (1283) and former deputy mayor Michael Sutherland (1267).

The voter turnout was up a smidgeon at 37.08 per cent, compared to 36.67 in 2015.

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