Tyzack defeated

THE VAST majority of Stirling voters want a say in who gets to be their mayor, with 71.6 per cent saying the people should decide rather than councillors.

Most WA councils have a popularly elected mayor who everyone votes on, but Stirling and Bayswater let the councillors decide after the election, meaning a huge role comes down to just a few votes.

Or in some cases it’s come down to a coin toss, or a name pulled out of a hat, which was used to elect Glenn Dewhurst as Gosnells mayor on Tuesday night, when there was a three-way tie in chambers.

On the same night, Mark Irwin was elected Stirling mayor, topping a busy list that included incumbent mayor Giovanni Italiano, and Elizabeth Re and Keith Sargeant.

• Stirling’s longest-serving councillor, Terry Tyzack couldn’t hold his seat this time around. File photo

David Lagan was elected deputy mayor, winning a ballot draw when two nominees tied.

In one surprise result, Stirling’s longest-serving councillor Terry Tyzack was defeated in a tight battle for Inglewood ward, with newcomer and urban planner Bianca Sandri, winning 2,958 votes to 2,817.

Most other Stirling incumbents had strong showings this election: in Balga ward David Boothman was returned having won more than half the total vote, Karen Caddy’s back with a whopping 72.13 per cent in her ward, and despite butting heads with other councillors over the years Elizabeth Re remains unstoppable, elected with 53.8 per cent of the vote in a three-candidate field.

In the crowded Hamersley Ward (which had nine candidates for two seats), Andrew Guilfoyle was comfortably returned and he’s joined by new councillor Karlo Perkov.

In Lawley Ward it was an extremely close contest between winner Suzanne Migdale (1736 votes) and former councillor Paul Collins (1671), with the next nearest contender more than 600 votes behind.

Adam Spagnolo was the clear winner in the Osborne Ward, and has had three previous stints as mayor.


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