LETTERS 4.11.17

No 123 from ABC
I SERIOUSLY object to the ABC managing director refusing to disclose the salaries of the top employees to our elected government.
This is outrageous as they are employees of the taxpayers who pay their wages and any employer is entitled to know how much these people are being paid by the ABC.
Why the secrecy?
Are they ashamed of the amount they are paying, and the little most of them do to actually deserve it?
Ruby Joan Bales
Fantail Drive, Bibra Lake

Copping a spray
I am amazed to see the councils still spraying glysophates around our suburbs.
Any research done on this poison shows the detrimental affects to human beings not to mention our poor pets, I believe the recent spraying was followed by an epidemic of doggy diarrhoea at the vets.
This poison causes so many issues to health.
Any poison that completely kills plants is dangerous.
Tracey Donovan
Windfield Road, Melville

Love and marriage
REVEREND Professor David Seccombe has concerns about marriage equality (“No equality in same-sex vows”, Speaker’s Corner, Voice, October 14, 2017).
He argues, among other things, that “marriage equality won’t achieve equality because the relationship of two people of the same gender is different from how marriage has always been understood”.
Yet marriage has been understood in many ways over the years.
For example, there was a time when the state regulated who Indigenous Australians could, and could not, marry.
Happily, Australian culture has moved on from this.
Cultures are not static but dynamic; they are flexible and respond to historical and social changes.
I take reverend Seccombe’s point that Christians in Australia do not speak with one voice.
Thus, not all Christians see same-sex intercourse as a sin against God.
Regardless of this, Australia is a secular society—we should not base our laws on religion.
I will end with a statement from Curtin University’s Centre for Human Rights Education.
“The Centre for Human Rights Education actively supports equality before the law, and equality in terms of social recognition, a core human rights value.  We therefore decisively and proudly support marriage equality in Australia as we affirm that marriage equality is a human right”.
This, I believe, wraps up my view nicely.
Anne Pedersen
Centre for Human Rights Education
Kent Street, Bentley

Broad shoulders
THE NBN was connected to our house three years ago; I was amazed when the job was finally completed to see three big boxes.
One outside the house and two inside. With no further thought to the boxes until recently when one of the boxes started buzzing and a light flashing.
I rang Telstra to report the fault only to be told by an overseas operator that it was a battery in the box needed replacing.
Next question when will Telstra replace the battery?
To be told it was my responsibility, just unplug it and get a new one. I rang a battery company who were very helpful, a serviceman came to our house and changed the battery the cost $91.
It is my advice should other households have the same problem ring a battery supplier.
Is it any wonder that a lot of households do not have a landline only a mobile phone.
Frank Granger
Melville Beach Rd, Applecross 

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