MacGyver cafe

REPAIRING broken items used to be a necessity of life in more austere times, but now a lot of barely-damaged items end up in landfill.

Thankfully, some Perth folk have got together and started a “Repair Cafe” in Mount Hawthorn, fixing items like clothes, bikes or toys that’d otherwise get binned.

One of the organisers Angie Kings-Leonne says “we unnecessarily throw away too much stuff in Australia.”

“Even things which practically have nothing wrong with them, and which could easily be used again after a simple repair.

“Unfortunately, many people have forgotten that things can be repaired—Repair Cafe wants to change that.”

To begin with they’ll be running RC once a month at The Maker Movement, 58 Angove street.

• Clothes, bikes, toys, old CD players, shoes and other items get a new life at Repair Cafe. Photos supplied

Expert MacGyvers skilled in different fields will be on hand to fix whatever you might bring along.

It’s part of a global movement that started in the Netherlands in 2009, and now there’s about 1300 around the world.

The organisers also want to bring neighbours together and show them that practical know-how can be found close to home.

Elle Gonzales-Skuja says “if you repair a bike, a CD player or a favourite jacket together with a neighbour who you didn’t know before, you’ll have connected with someone in your community.”

Along with saving money and reducing waste, she says “Above all, Repair Cafe just wants to show how fun repairing things can be, and how easy it often is.”

The first Repair Cafe session is November 18, 10.30am to 12.30pm, and the future dates are up on their Facebook page, Repair Cafe Perth.


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