Hanging in

ONE of Perth’s only CBD gallery spaces for emerging artists is facing homelessness, with its landlord reportedly seeking a more lucrative tenant.

Moana Project Space has been giving edgy artists and curators a rare outing since taking out a sub-lease on Moana Chambers in the Hay Street Mall in 2012.

But a cafe which operated in the space next door recently closed, and the owners of the building are banking on a larger space being more attractive in the market.

Moana co-director Jess Boyce says while the closure is “unfortunate”, they have already been contacted by several building owners and other organisations and she’s confident they’ll have new digs, hopefully in the CBD, before too long.

• Moana co-directors Jess Boyce and Matthew Siddall with Tom Blake’s shortened exhibition Downstream Dreams. Photo by Steve

Ms Boyce and fellow co-director Matthew Siddall say the short notice from the landlord couldn’t have come at a worse time; both were in Tasmania working on an exhibition and had to leave half their team to pack up while they rushed back to Perth to get ready for Moana’s bump out.

They had been hoping to bring the Tassie exhibition to Perth, and say they may even look at temporary gallery spaces until they’ve firmed up a new home.

The announcement has also meant artist Tom Blake’s exhibition, Downstream Dreams, will be cut short. It opens this Friday 6pm and will continue through the weekend. It had originally been booked in until December 9. Blake’s multi-genre work uses fragmented moments and symbols to explore the psychological frameworks and technological networks surrounding us.

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