Locals hot for science

ONE HUNDRED Bayswater residents will assist Australia’s leading universities and scientists tackle climate change next summer.

Bayswater council has accepted an invitation from RMIT University to be involved in a project which puts scientists and communities together to try and improve urban microclimates.

Deputy mayor Chris Cornish’s motion to participate in the project was passed 9-1 at a council meeting, Tuesday night.

“What’s going to happen is they are going to try and get 100 citizens involved to take detailed temperature recordings over a couple of periods next summer,” he says.

“They are going to train these people and give them equipment and they are hoping to monitor temperature movements and impacts.

“The project responds to the number of extreme hot days expected to increase significantly in all Australian cities over the next decade.”

The data will be used to raise awareness of the consequences of climate change and help policy makers predict future health and energy needs.

Cr Cornish said the project would only require a city staffer to work on the project for five days.

Cr Brent Fleeton voted against the motion. “I obviously see the importance of doing that type of work but I think there are other things we could be doing when we are so pressed in terms of staffing resources at the moment.”


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