Baking booty

JAFFLES with baked beans or canned braised steak and onions were camping staples when I was a kid.

And to this day, I make sure I always pack jaffle irons when I go on a camping adventure.

Dejaxo Artisan Bakery and Cafe, in Mt Hawthorn, has taken this Aussie toasted sandwich and turned it into a dejaffle of gourmet proportions.

I did wonder if the chilli con carne version ($12) was a modern take on the old braised steak, but somehow I doubt it.

The caramelised pulled pork with peanuts and curry mayo ($14) is definitely not camping food.

And my potato and leek ($12) version was like nothing I’d had before: a mix of spuds and leek, with lashings of gruyere cheese, sprinkled with crispy onion flakes and fresh spring onion.

It was so rich and garlicky it was hard to believe it was a humble jaffle, although it was a tad underdone.

A few more minutes in the irons and it would have been perfect. I washed it down with a mango tango ($7.50), a thick and delicious combination of mango, mint and lemon, which seemed to complement the jaffle and leave the tongue zinging.

Spoilt for choice in the sweet cabinet, I opted for a good old-fashioned strawberry tart.

The custard was the perfect foil for the sweet sharpness of the huge strawberries, and a fine French Earl Grey tea, with a nice fruity tang, was the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Dejaxo prides itself on its baked goods, including a fantastic wholemeal sourdough and a range of pies and pasties.

It’s all made in the eatery’s Malaga premises.

“We produce 90 per cent of everything in the cafe,” manager Jane Jones says.

“All the bread is made fresh daily…and preservative free.”

Leftovers at the end of the day go to a variety of charities, “so nothing goes to waste if it can be used.”

I ordered a vegetarian pasty and a spinach and ricotta roll ($4.50) to take home for dinner, and both were delicious.

As were the rhubarb crumble and chocolate tart ($3.95).


Dejaxo Artisan Bakery & Cafe
2 Coogee Street,
Mt Hawthorn
9246 1167

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