It’s a wrap

TRYING to wrap oddly shaped gifts is a nightmare.

You’re almost there, then the paper tears over an obtrusive corner, or the sticky tape unsticks and you’re back at square one, staring at that flaming wine bottle/pair of boots/rubber duck.

Well Lala Designs have your back this Christmas: they’re holding a free one-hour workshop on wrapping presents at Bayswater Library, December 8, 4pm.

Founder and professional gift wrapper Lahra McNab says the most difficult thing she’s ever wrapped is a car.

“A big four wheel drive a client bought his wife, as they finally got the news that their adopted son was coming home,” she says.

• Lahra McNab from Lala Designs. Photo supplied

Paper stylist

“We had to go to the car yard and wrap it in the show room, using ladders and a serious amount of wrapping paper.”

Ms McNab says she fell into the gift wrapping part of her business.

“It started with Scoop magazine labelling me a ‘paper stylist’ and then because I own a paper shop, people would ask for gift wrapping as a service, and then it became a part of my business and my passion.”

Ms McNab says she has always had a paper and stationery addiction, and is looking forward to sharing her passion at the workshop.

“I will teach the basics, with some handy hints to get the professional finish,” she says.

And she’ll be giving tips on how to wrap a bottle of wine with a serviette and making a bag for an oddly-shaped gift.

“I’m a big fan of wrapping a gift in something that is part of the gift,” she says.

“Like using a tea towel to wrap a kitchen gift or making a gift hamper of wines in a wine bucket.

“I will always add an embellishment of some sort, a sprig of rosemary, a brooch or a beautiful Christmas ornament.”


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