Harley heritage plan

PICTURESQUE Harley Street in Highgate is set to become Vincent’s newest “character retention and heritage area”.

The scheme was introduced in 2015—after many years of debate and failed protoversions—to protect the theme and aesthetics of heritage areas around town.

It doesn’t prevent development, but means any new buildings should fit in with the area, be it height, house type or construction materials.

• Picturesque Harley Street. Photos by Steve Grant

Federation style

But uptake’s been slow, as for character retention areas to be established, at least 40 per cent of affected properties must support it.

Harley Street’s keen though, with 70 per cent of property owners signing a petition in support of becoming a retention area.

The main objectives for Harley Street are:

• Retention and conservation of the original Federation style dwellings;

• Protection and enhancement of existing streetscape character;

• Retention of the visual dominance of late nineteenth to early twentieth century residential development.

New development should also fit in with the area, and they’ve even stipulated “recommended fencing styles”.

Harley Street becoming a retention and heritage area is up for debate at Tuesday’s Vincent council meeting.

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