Ho, ho, hum

PUT a lock on your letterbox because thieves are out stealing mail.

As Christmas rolls around they’re probably looking for cards with cash in them, but it seems they often just grab everything and then sort through it later and throw out the boring bills.

Bayswater councillor Catherine Ehrhardt was down at the Bardon Park Friends Group busy bee and found “a heap of what I assume is stolen mail” down there. Among the bills there was also pathology results and even a child’s letter to Santa in the pile.

She dropped it off at the post office for redelivery.

• Stolen mail found at Bardon Park.

The envelopes had all come from Kathleen Avenue and Eighth Avenue.

Cr Ehrhardt has previously found opened parcels dumped down at the Maylands Lakes area.

The Voice has also seen mail thieves operating brazenly around Glendower Street in North Perth, busting locks off in broad daylight and nicking mail (they left when we yelled insults at them).

Australia Post strongly recommends sticking a lock on your letterbox because some crims aren’t just seeking quick cash in cards, but your details for identity theft scams.

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