Hylin left us smilin’

FOR an early breakfast before work we decided to head to Hylin cafe in West Leederville.

All of our friends have been raving about this joint, so we couldn’t wait to try out their food and coffee.

Walking in at 7am, half an hour after opening, we were surprised to see the place so busy on a Tuesday.

This cafe has Melbourne city vibes, with a spacious alfresco shaded by trees on Railway Parade, and fabulous interior design.

The smell of coffee, and the fresh pastries on the counter, perfectly complemented the delightful atmosphere.

There were numerous dishes to choose from, including acai bowls, an open brekky burger, and croquette and eggs.

There was also a brunch menu, with options like spicy chipotle chicken burger ($18) and open street tacos ($17.50).

After much indecision, we decided to order the breakfast bruschetta ($17.50) and the ubiquitous smashed avocado ($18.00), both with bacon on the side ($6.50).

Sweet zing

To kick start our brains we enjoyed a creamy cappuccino ($4), which was nice and warm and not too bitter.

It wasn’t long before our breakfast bruschetta and smashed avocado arrived: both were packed with colour and the presentation truly resembled art.

The standout garnish, sprinkled on top of both dishes, was the deep-fried shallots.

It elevated the brekkies to an A plus, and left the most incredible sweet, zing in your mouth.

Combine this with a rocket, corn and tomato salad, and you have yourself a winning breakfast.

And let’s not forget the stars of the show—the thick crispy slices of ciabatta, smothered in fresh avocado, and the perfectly poached eggs.

It was so yummy we wanted more, despite the generous portions, and didn’t leave a crumb on our plates.

Hylin lived up to the hype and is definitely worth a visit.


178 Railway Parade
West Leederville
Open daily
Closed Sunday

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