Vile comics letterboxed

VENOMOUS anti-gay comics are being letterboxed in North Perth.

Last week the Voice reported that religious “tract” comics, by US-based fundamentalist Chick Publications, were being anonymously distributed to West Perth letterboxes.

That comic had an inoffensive Jesus story, but a Voice reader from Palmerston Street says they’ve received a far more disturbing comic, featuring an extremist religious woman caring for men in an AIDS hospice.

The woman tells the men that they have AIDS because of the devil, and says “now you’ve got full-blown AIDS and your days are numbered!”

• The cartoons in the “tract” comics blame men for getting AIDS.

It says of gay people: “Almost every one of them was sexually molested as a child”.

The character says she was raped as a child and tells the men “if Jesus hadn’t saved me and cast out that devil with its nasty thoughts, I could have become a lesbian—or worse—and dying from AIDS just like you are now.”

The comic also claims “the gay community fulfills Christ’s prophecy [of the end of the world] by terrifying politicians, strong-arming the media, and creating little sodomites in our school systems. They want the world to become like Sodom.”

The comic ends with one of the men with AIDS thanking the evangeliser: “I asked Jesus to kick that powerful monster and his spirit buddies out of me… and He did! He set me free! And I know I’m going to heaven real soon.”

The reader who got in touch says the tracts are concerning because the comic-book style is appealing to children, but the content is repugnant.

WA AIDS Council president David Kernohan says “unfortunately such prejudice and fear still exists.

“As an ex-minister of religion it is unfortunate the message they try to convey is muddied by their fear, anxiety and uncertainty.”

The WA AIDS Council is currently undertaking a campaign “This is what HIV looks like in 2017”, in an attempt to reduce the stigma around the illness, and demonstrate people with HIV can live healthy lives.

“The risk of these perverted messages is the potential damage it does to young LGBTIQA+ young people who are perhaps less resilient to this hatred and animosity,” Mr Kernohan says.

Chick Publications is considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Centre, a US non-profit that tracks extremist organisations.

CP has also published anti-Islam comics, that have been distributed in the eastern states, and anti-Catholic comics.

There’s a blank space at the back of the tracts that’d usually contain the details of whoever’s distributing them, but like the ones in West Perth, this section was left blank.


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