Carey’s Chrissy tribute to mum

THE Christmas-themed display in Perth MP John Carey’s office window has drawn a lot of festive smiles from people passing by, but there’s a poignant backstory to the miniature Xmas buildings.

“Mum collected them for about 10 years,” says the Perth Labor MP.

In 2006 Carey’s mum, Delys, was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Towards the end of her life, the family set up all the models in the living room for her to enjoy.

• John Carey and his fabulous Christmas display. Photo by David Bell

After she died, Mr Carey helped found the Brain Tumour Association in 2007, but he also kept her memory alive through adding to the collection.

“I promised her I would keep the collection going,” he says.

“It’s a tribute to my mum, but also about sharing the love of Christmas with the community.

“Christmas has never been the same without my mum—but this is a nice tribute to her.”

If you fancy checking out the display, head to Mr Carey’s electoral office, at the corner of Fitzgerald and Wasley Streets.


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