Sick Robin Hood

A PET cat is recovering after being shot by a bow and arrow in Bayswater on Sunday.

Fable Goldsmith found her injured cat, Vincent, in the back yard of their Percy Street house, and rushed him to the vet where he was given antibiotics.

• Vincent’s wound.

Ms Goldsmith told the Voice on Tuesday that Vincent was convalescing and making good progress.

One small mercy: the arrow’s point was a target tip, which creates a narrow wound channel.

• Vincent’s been recovering in his favourite  box.

Target arrows aren’t supposed to be used for hunting because they can cause a slow death for a wild animal as they limp around for days impaled by the shaft.

But in this case it meant Vincent could be whisked off to the vet for urgent treatment.

• Arrow used in the attack.

Ms Goldsmith reported the shooting to the police and local rangers, and the RSPCA is now investigating.


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