It’s Delilicious

WHY did the young mum cross the road?

To get a coffee at The Hobart Street Deli, of course.

When I plonked myself down at one of the cafe’s outdoor tables, the park across the road was teeming with kids and sleep-deprived mums who clearly required a caffeine fix.

Some wandered in for lunch, and I had to smile as one little girl jumped for joy when mum asked if she wanted toasted cheese or scrambled eggs.

“Samich,” she replied.

As the name suggests, this small eatery was once the local deli, serving up last-minute groceries to mums, and lollies to generations of kids.

Most of these traditional delis have gone, but some have been replaced by cafes, still serving the community, just in a different way.

The mouthwatering selection in Hobart Street’s display cabinet included house-made sausage rolls, savoury muffins, quiche, bagels, rolls, sandwiches and fantastic looking salads.

The risotto cake ($18 with salad) caught my eye: a trucker’s wheel of rice with mushroom, asparagus and spinach.

The toasted rice had a lovely hint of caramel, while the moist innards were redolent of mushroom.

The massive serve of salad defeated me in the end, but it tasted so good I had to give it my best shot.

The chunks of oven roasted beetroot and sweet potato, crunchy strips of fennel, cucumber, moist bulgur wheat and sultanas, were drizzled with a yoghurt and cucumber raita.

The eatery’s cakes were beckoning, and with barely a backward glance at the food left on my plate, I headed inside to order a pear, pistachio and chocolate slice ($5.50).

“Toasted?” the waiter asked.

And I’m so glad I said yes, because the fruit and nuts, delicious on their own, went into orbit when mixed with the warm vein of rich, dark chocolate.

The macadamia and chocolate slice I took home for supper was almost as good.

And according to the people at the next table the coffee is spot on— but I was happy sipping on a very civilised cup of tea.


The Hobart Street Deli
46 Hobart St, North Perth
Open Mon–Fri 7am–5pm,
Sat-Sun 7am–4pm
9444 8686

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