Lights, camera, Vincent!

• The lucky filmmakers who were selected to make their documentaries about quirky characters in Vincent. Photo by Ashleigh Nicolau

GHOST stories in Vincent, the dying art of neon bending, and a local beekeeper on a crusade to save stingers.

They’re all ideas that rose to the top of the slush pile and were chosen to be made into documentaries by the City of Vincent film project.

$15,000 has been allocated to make the three short docos, which are in production and scheduled to be screened in July.

In Ghosts of Vincent, Paul Van Lieshout, Kimberly McGivern and Ellen Broadhurst examine the historical people and venues around town, including an investigation into the legend of “Kanga”, the ghost said to haunt the Leederville Hotel.

While Rachael Karotkin and Matt Sav’s film Neon, explores the world of neon signs.

Ghosts of Vincent

Neon tube bending, which creates the elaborate shapes, is a dying art in Perth, but the film follows a young man doing an apprenticeship to keep the legacy alive.

And Cody Greenwood, Samantha Marlowe and Francis Elliot’s The Beeman, is about apian expert Carl Maxwell, the man people call when they have a hive needing relocating.

The Vincent film project had previously been run with the Film and Television Institute, but with the FTI wrapping up mid-last year, the Revelation Film Festival stepped in.

The project had a record number of submissions this year, and the winning ideas were selected by a panel of industry experts and judges from Vincent and Revelation. With screenings planned for July, project coordinator Ashleigh Nicolau says they’re planning some interactive events for the films like art exhibitions and ghost tours.


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