Slow down, baby

SLOW cooked” kids is the key to successful parenting and child care, according to a course being held at the Perth Waldorf School in Bibra Lake.

“Allowing the child not to be over sensitised…not rushing out in the car all the time, allow them to be slow,” teacher, educator and story teller Jenny Hill says.

“There are so many fast things around them…You have all the electronic world around, which you can’t change, but you can be more aware.”

Supporting babies as they take their first tentative steps feels like a natural approach, but it can inhibit learning, Ms Hill says.

“People feel compelled to walk babies; but it’s the wrong approach.”

“When we allow our babies to develop in freedom to sit, walk, climb and physically explore they world they will perform all the wonderful transitional postures that have a distinct and valuable developmental purpose.”

The course covers a range of topics including embryology, speech, sleep, nutrition, the environment and observation.

“Sleep is a huge issue for parents, so it’s not producing a magic wand, it recognises the importance of sleep and the rhythm in the day so it can happen more easily

“When you’re rushing around you can’t get the lead in to sleep.”

The course also looks at the “metamorphous” of conception to birth: “The development of the embryo…the spine developing and the unfolding of the whole nervous system, the limbs and organs.”

• Jenny Hill and Rose Hughes. Photo supplied

The nutrition component includes practical things, Ms Hill says.

“We make bread and talk about the nourishment of different foods…And if you’re running a family or child care, it looks at the quality of the food.”

Based on the work of Rudolf Steiner, the course is designed for anyone working with young children in childcare or playgroups as well as parents.

Lecturers include a pediatrician, nurse, teachers and artists.

It runs for 16 Saturdays from February 10 and there is a five-day intensive course in July.

For more information call Jenny Hill on 0432 735 744.


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