A garbage show

THERE’S nothing trashy about circus skills, unless it’s the Trash Test Dummies, who do extraordinary things with the humble wheelie bin.

“With a little imagination the bins become cars, hideaway trenches, chariots, rocket ships, musical instruments and equipment for circus madness,” creator and performer Jamie Brennan says.

Along with Isaac Salter, Thomas McDonald and Leigh Rhodes, he’s been wheelie binning around the world since graduating from the National Institute for Circus Arts in 2013.

They’ve already toured in the UK, Ireland, China, Korea, the US and New Zealand, and have been invited back to the Edinburgh Fringe four years in a row, each time to sell-out audiences.

The show has received rave reviews and won a heap of awards, including the Best Children’s Presentation at the 2015 and 2016 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

• The Trash Test Dummies get creative with waste. Photo by Ivan Bartholomew

A new country means new wheelie bins, which has been a learning curve, Brennan says.

“In the US, the bins were a little different with nuts and bolts on the inside.

“So we got a bit beaten up, but we went on with the show.

“In China we got the wrong size and were lifting an extra 10 kilos about our heads.”

The show involves eight bins, but the troupe owns more than 20.

“We never thought we would know so much about wheelie bins,” Brennan says.

Trash Test Dummies is full of fun, music, dance and gravity defying moves in a 55-minute show aimed at kids, “but we are often likened to a Pixar film…and it is just as enjoyable for adults,” Brennan says.

Part of Fringe World, it’s on at the Pleasure Gardens, Russell Square, Northbridge, 3.30pm, January 27–30 and February 9–10. Tix at fringeworld.com.au


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