Buzzing cabaret

THERE’S plenty of titillation in the outrageous cabaret show Club Swizzle, and the audience showed its approval by jumping up to dance at the end.

The show was being held at Perth’s hottest new venue, which is also the coolest—the old Ice Cream Factory on Roe Street.

Compère Rueben Kaye was wickedly funny with his outrageous costumes, massive fake eyelashes, and camp, hilarious patter that would make a sailor blush.

Reminiscent of the Berlin cabaret scene before World War II, the old factory is decked out as a bar, until show time, when it’s stripped back to become a long, thin stage.

• Club Swizzle compère Ruben Kaye (red jacket). Photos supplied

The Unexpected Perks, including Perth muso Wayne Freer, added authenticity to the scene, pumping out some impressive beats.

The Swizzle Boys—Benjamin Lewis, Simon McClure, Will Underwood and Joren Dawson—were very easy on the eye as they performed dazzling acrobatics and feats of strength, all while tossing cocktails, or swigging straight from a bottle of champagne.

I doubt there was real booze in them, because the troupe turned somersaults, shimmied-up poles with style and superhuman strength, and dived through hoops without missing a beat.

And then there was New York native Amy G’s impressive performance of a drunk on roller skates, staggering but never quite falling, and whizzing through an obstacle course of martini glasses…on one skate.

• The Swizzle Boys

Perhaps her most memorable feat was playing America the Beautiful on a kazoo–with her vagina. Yes really, with her vagina.

Winner of London’s best burlesque act in 2013, Laurie Hagen raised temperatures with a striptease, but the art form took a reverse twist in her second performance when she got dressed.

For me, more interesting than the undressing.

Danny Wellington jazzed up the stage with a couple of big band-era songs.

Club Swizzle is on until February 26. Tickets at

Come for the show, but get there early and grab a drink from the bar.


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