Call out for hungry

DID you know that the old mobile phone in the back of your drawer could help feed the disadvantaged?

Under the Mobile for Meal initiative, for every phone donated to MobileMuster, OzHarvest will donate a meal to those in need, tackling the growing problems of food and electronic waste.

OzHarvest head of fundraising Henrietta Ardle says there are about 2.5 million unused mobile phones across Western Australia.

“From a Perth perspective, we know there is an extraordinary number of unused phones.”

Ms Ardle says there has been a great response in Perth so far, and they are hoping to get 70,000 phones by the end of the month.

“The phone is actually 99 per cent recyclable,” she says.

“So instead of sitting in a desk drawer, or landfill and never biodegrading; if you take it to MobileMuster, they recycle pretty much the whole phone, which also prevents further mining for the materials.”

• Ronni Kahn and Spyro Kalos celebrating the Mobile for a Meal campaign. Photo supplied

Ms Ardle says OzHarvest rescues food from more than 3000 different food donors across Australia, and delivers to more than 1000 charities that feed hungry people everyday.

“In WA last year we delivered the equivalent of 2.5 million meals to people in need,” she says.

“It is beautiful to see so many Australians get behind this campaign.

“It is so simple and makes sense to us all; everyone has a mobile lying around somewhere.

“So dig out that phone before the end of February so we can keep electronic waste out of landfill, and put good food in the bellies of hungry people.”

Perth residents can get involved by dropping their unused mobile phones at a local MobileMuster drop-off point.

Locations at


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