Call that an accent?

VOICE cartoonist Jason Chatfield says he was told he’s “too Aussie” to be the voice of Australian-themed restaurant Outback Steakhouse.

The Perth lad, now based in New York pursuing a career in stand-up comedy, auditioned for a voice-over for a commercial for the Florida-based chain, which has 1000 restaurants worldwide.

He was in two minds about auditioning, as he isn’t a fan of Outback Steakhouse’s food and they’re a Republican party donor.

“I rail against it in my comedy act,” he says.

• Jason Chatfield and Voice owner Andrew Smith, celebrating our 1000th edition last time Chatters was in Perth. Photo by David Bell

But a gig’s a gig, so in the lead-up Chatfield was practicing his best “American-trying-to-do-an-Australian accent”

He attended the audition on Monday, but says, “I think I blew it. They said I sounded ‘too Australian’. True story.”

He says that on the plus side he can keep doing his anti-Outback Steakhouse bit on stage.

He says he tells Americans “we don’t eat any of that food on that menu.

“I don’t know what the fuck a bloomin’ onion is!” he says, referring to the chain’s signature Aussie dish—a deep-fried onion cut up into a pretty flower shape.


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