LETTERS 10.2.18

Google maps?
IN a recent review of a café at 197 Brisbane Street (“At the Local”, Voice, February 3, 2018), your reviewer identified it as being in Northbridge. It isn’t.
Northbridge is a small locality within the City of Perth bounded by Newcastle Street, William Street, Roe Street and in the west by the freeway overpasses. The locality of Perth in the City of Vincent with the postcode 6000 is north and east of these boundaries.
Articles in your paper too often make the mistake of calling Perth (in Vincent)  ‘Northbridge’.
Perhaps in the interest of accurate reporting you could check the boundaries of Northbridge and adjoining localities.
Helen Pemberton,
Brisbane Street, Perth

Third-degree Burns
A BIG thanks to Liz and Dougie at Saga Bookshop who hosted the birthday of Robert Burns Scotland’s international Poet and brought the community together to share their common interest in the poetry and music of Scotland’s Bard.
The evening of music, poetry and fine fare had all the ingredients to make it special and it was.
It brought people from different age groups and backgrounds together to share their common interest or curiosity about Burns. Community: it’s the best thing to keep a healthy place where heart and mind meet.
Fay Kennedy
High Street, Fremantle

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