Bawdy rewrite

FROM Marie Antoinette and Joan of Arc, to Julia Gillard and Princess Diana, women have been politically white-anted through the ages, Imogen Kelly says.

But the burlesque queen has rewritten the pages of history in her striptease romp, Herstory–The Leading Ladies.

“Showing the ridiculousness of the political sabotage that happened to these women,” Kelly says.

Former prime minister Gillard is “pivotal” to the show: “She brings home that Australia is not immune to misogyny.”

And she throws in a hilarious Maggie Thatcher, “To show not everybody is fabulous just because of gender.”

• Imogen Kelly. Photo supplied

A double mastectomy five years ago would stop most in their tracks, but Kelly says she wants women to see that despite the scars, cancer is not the end: “I wouldn’t want them to think it will destroy you.”

“You survive and come out stronger.”

She’s an avid campaigner for breast cancer awareness, holding workshops for women in remission or undergoing reconstruction.

Herstory is on February 20–24. Tix at


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