Scaffidi saga ongoing

THERE is still no resolution on the long-running Lisa Scaffidi/State Administrative Tribunal saga as we go to print this Wednesday.

The lord mayor was back at the SAT this Tuesday and Wednesday for the final penalty hearing.

Ms Scaffidi was initially given an 18-month disqualification from office over 45 breaches of the local government act, stemming from failure to declare gift and travel contributions, but she successfully had 26 of them overturned by the court of appeal.

• Lisa Scaffidi

She took a four-month break during that appeal, returning to her job on January 8, and this week chaired her first council meeting of 2018.

The SAT now has to come up with a new (likely lesser) penalty to reflect the smaller number of breaches.

In court on Tuesday, the ABC reports the hearing had to be halted as Ms Scaffidi had “broken down in tears” saying this had been “the worst time of my life”.


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