Source of delight

I HEARD the thumping chorus of Another One Bites the Dust as an old bloke on a pimped-up gopher barreled down the pavement on Beaufort Street.

He made it across the busy Newcastle Street, but only just, and I had to admire his taste in music, and zest for living on the edge.

Seems like there’s never a dull moment sitting outside Source Foods, an eatery that prides itself on embracing life with healthy food.

The menu had a great range of vegan and vegetarian dishes, and plenty of meaty ones too.

“Our menus are designed with all eating requirements in mind,” states the cafe’s blurb.

“We take great pride in knowing what is in our food and maximising taste so that’s why we cure our own salmon, smoke our chicken, and slow cook all our own meats.”

A couple of blokes at the next table were tucking into a nasi goreng, with quinoa, crispy shallots, coriander and pomegranate and a soft fried egg ($22 with pork).

They gave it the thumbs up, and a third bloke happily tucked into kasundi fried eggs, with wild mushrooms, rocket, avocado and Manjimup truffle oil ($18.50).

I’ve never been a fan of the big breakfast—too much fat and too meaty—and until now the vegetarian version has never appealed.

But then I spotted Source’s vegan feast ($22)—a tower of chickpea and black bean falafels, smoked mushrooms, asparagus and rocket.

And it was so fantastic I dived rather than tucked in, although I did pause to appreciate the butternut hummus, and the artful dollops of smooth avocado.

Both were great, and the hummus was sharp with a sweet finish.

The falafels were virtual slabs of rich nuttiness, and the mushrooms had a terrific, smoky flavour.

Together the various layers of flavour were magnificent.

And the crispness of the charred asparagus was the icing on this particular cake.

Speaking of which, my raspberry chocolate brownie ($5) didn’t need any icing.

Slightly warm, it was soft and gooey, and so rich I almost couldn’t finish it–almost.

“Our coffee is an experience that chalk is unable to convey,” was ironically scrawled on a chalkboard outside the cafe.

So rather than having my usual cup of tea, I put the brazen claim to the test, and absolutely agree—the coffee was rich and very palatable, with not a hint of bitterness.


Source Foods
289 Beaufort Street, Highgate

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