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IT was stuck on freeze frame for a couple of months, but the Mount Lawley Society’s short film festival is back.

The first festival in November 2016 sold out and co-organiser Christina Gustavson said they’d fielded requests about the next since then, with students from Central Institute of Technology’s film course eager to add a pre-Oscar gong to their CV.

Ms Gustavson said this year’s themes are “Mt Lawley” and “remember when”, the latter because they want to focus on human history, not just old buildings. She’s heard there’s already a flick about Northbridge’s first Chinese store in the works.

• Mark Hodge and Christina Gustavson are back for the society’s short film festival.

“One of the great things that emerged out of the last festival was the number of young people who participated, as they were very interested in things that had once been part of their city but had since disappeared,” she says.

Films have to be seven minutes long at most, and registrations close March 25 at 6pm. There’s a prize for the best overall pic and the best pic by a secondary school student. Ms Gustavson said the festival screening will be on April 29 at the Astor Theatre, with a selection of the best films and some film footage from yesteryear.

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