EXPECT a bit of chaos when urban artist Handbrake holds his first solo show in a refurbished warehouse in East Perth.

Along with more than 50 works, many on skateboards, there’ll be a custom, hand-painted cafe racer motorbike which was created with mate Billy (Marjin) Kuijken from Rogue Motorcycles.

The pair cut an old Triumph “into a million pieces” and rebuilt it, then Handbrake added his distinctive artwork to the fuel tank, rim and helmet.

• Urban artist Hans Bruechle, aka Handbrake. Photos supplied


“It will be the most unique bike in WA,” he says.

Chaos Controlled is for one night only as the warehouse goes back to being a prosaic storage facility on Monday.

“I view art and creativity as immediate processes,” Handbrake, aka Hans Bruechle, says.

“For me it’s more about an event rather than a long drawn-out process.

“It’s a big epic night of people having fun.”

His colourful art blurs the line between street, skate and urban culture and there are dark messages to be gleaned from the bold, almost cartoon-like works.

Just about anything is a canvas for Handbrake’s creative muse including skateboards, hockey sticks, public walls and an old Bakelite phone tuned into a lamp.

Art was just a hobby when he graduated from the WA Academy of Performing Arts with a radio and television degree.

But then he found himself in hot water while working at Nova radio in 2010, facing claims he rigged a competition so his friend could win $10,000.

He resigned and describes the incident as “a massacre”.

But with plenty of time on his hands it was a turning point for his art.

“I have done so many cool things over the past seven or eight years…It started me off as Handbrake,” he says.

“Now it’s all about the art, and I take myself more seriously.

“This is my life now.”

Chaos Controlled is a mixture of art and showmanship, with food trucks, a bunch of customised motorbikes and a palette load of fun.

It’s free and on today (Saturday March 10) on Cheriton Street, East Perth at 6.30pm.


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