Stirling’s solar slump

ONLY 15 per cent of Stirling households have a solar system, prompting the local council to consider trialling a $1500 rebate program.

Stirling even lags behind Wanneroo (35 percent of households have a solar system) and Joondalup (28 per cent), according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

A report to council on other local government energy saving schemes found that upfront costs are the main barrier to residents installing energy efficient and renewable energy technologies.

Stirling is looking at modelling its rebate program on Adelaide’s “Solar Savers” scheme, which provides upfront funding for the installation of a solar system for low-income and tenanted households.

Stirling council also plans to expand its Living Green Program, which already provides education and opportunities, such as free home energy audits to residents.

The solar system trial will be considered in the 2018/19 budget and includes a pilot project of 30 solar PV system rebates ($1500 per household), and community consultation ($15,000).

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