Bribes and brothels

A FORMER Perth council employee sacked four years ago has pleaded guilty to corruption and bribery, following a bizarre saga that included his arrest in a Canberra brothel.

Brett Edward Kenny (now called Brett Edward Peters) pleaded guilty on March 13 to “one count of acting corruptly in the performance of his duties as a public officer; one count of seeking a financial bribe in return for providing work; and one count of providing false or misleading evidence to a CCC examination.”

His job was to organise contracts for maintenance work at council house. He was also able to approve for maintenance services up to $5000.

Corruption charge

The Crime and Corruption Commission found that he awarded $350,000 worth of work to Harms Electrical Contractors in return for bribes.

The work should have first been offered to other electrical contractors.

HEC director Hervey Harms had previously pleaded guilty to a corruption charge “by aiding Mr Kenny to gain a benefit for himself and Mr Kenny”.

The CCC also found Mr Kenny had tried to bribe Shane Ross, an apprentice electrician employed by HEC. The plan was Mr Kenny would approve invoices for $5000 per month to be paid to Mr Ross, and in return he’d get a $1000 kickback. Mr Ross instead turned him down; then turned him in.

The CCC launched its investigation in 2013, leading to charges being laid in 2015. Mr Kenny left the state and changed his name, and was eventually arrested in October 2016 at “Sexy Honey’s” brothel in Canberra and extradited back to WA.

Mr Kenny’s trial in the Perth district court was due to start Tuesday but he pleaded guilty and he and Mr Harms will now be sentenced March 27.


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