LETTERS 17.3.18

Oops-a-daisy drivers
WHY do we call car crashes “accidents”.
There is no such thing as an “accident”.
When there’s a crash between two cars or more, or even a crash involving just one vehicle, someone has broken a road rule.
Maybe these “no rules for me” vehicle operators won’t get sympathy if it’s assault or manslaughter or even murder if they are unlicensed.
Same as the repeat offenders that ride their bikes on the footpath in front of all the retirement villages along Alexander Drive in Menora, when on the other side of the road there is a bicycle track and no houses.
But no, they’d rather crash into us pensioners on our footpath, including those with bad hearing, bad eyesight and walking sticks.
Again some bike riders are breaking the law: not having a bell on their bike, on their mobile phone or earphones under their helmet.
They often abuse us if we suggest the bicycle track over the road.
Again, that’s assault and operating an illegal vehicle, and they’re wearing no helmet some times.
Maybe there will be a crash between an unlicensed drunk, stoned, disqualified, dogmatic, stuff-your-rules driver and an “I’ll ride my bike anywhere”, no-bell, no- helmet, on-my-mobile, earphones-bopping, maybe pill-popping cyclist.
Oh poor things, another accident, yeah well who cares—I certainly don’t.
Darryl Kippe
Freedman Road, Menora

The wood from the trees
I AM writing in response to the Voice article “Baysy tree police” (February 3, 2018).
The incentive for retaining trees in City of Vincent that the article referred to is available to all private property owners who want to build a new home, not only developers.
Under the Build Form Policy, property owners can have 3 per cent less deep soil zones if they retain mature trees on a 500-metre block that has 15sqm of living space.
Enough for another bedroom or a swimming pool or however they would like to use it.
Aside from the numerous cleared blocks that I come by, this lack of awareness was recently brought to my attention by a property near my home.
The large block had about a dozen mature trees which were destroyed.
Next I saw the property had been subdivided into two blocks that were put up for sale.
The owners had not left potential buyers an opportunity to incorporate the mature trees into their new home design.
The purchasers will not be able to take advantage of the reduction of deep soil zone not to mention the other benefits of having mature trees.
Destroying the trees before selling doesn’t make any sense to me, except that the owners must not have been aware of the policy.
The policy has been in place for about a year, but no one I have spoken to knows about it.
Hopefully this will bring some awareness.
Naomi O’Shea
Trees4Vincent member

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