Bridging the gap

THERE was a huge turnout for the first meeting of new precinct group Northbridge Common, with about 180 people attending the sundowner at Stuart Street Reserve on Monday night.

The group, similar to Beaufort Street Network and Leederville Connect, is comprised of residents and business owners who want to improve the inner suburb.

The business collective OnWilliam had already created an action plan for parts of Northbridge, and NC will expand the concept to the rest of the suburb, which stretches from Roe to Bulwer Streets.

The idea for precinct groups was floated at last year’s Perth City Summit, organised by Perth MP John Carey, and so far West Perth Local and NC have been created.

• It’s the liveliest precinct group meeting the Voice has ever seen. Photo supplied

Blown away

“I have to admit, I was blown away by the amount of people turning out,” Mr Carey says.

“What was really lovely is that out of all the events I’ve done, there was an incredible community feel there.

He says along with the hipster element you’d expect from Northbridge, “there was a lot of families with kids”.

He says the big turnout at the mixer demonstrates that there is a yearning for more of a community in that part of town.

Mr Carey says they’re aiming for “quick wins—things that add to Northbridge—before tackling longer-term actions and strategies to make it a more liveable community.”

He says the group’s goal is to work out “how to make Northbridge more connected, a stronger community and a better place to live.”

Activate Perth chairperson Anne-Maree Ferguson says they want to develop a Northbridge brand, and are planning to coordinate a series of community events and street activations across the city.

You can get in touch on the Northbridge Common Facebook page or contact Ms Ferguson on 0439 820 177.


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