LETTERS 24.3.18

So, what’s the plan?
THE Rethink the Link campaign worked really well.
There was only one major flaw—they didn’t have a viable transport solution instead of the Roe 8/9 project.
Their campaign was emotive not factual:
“Save our wetlands and our animals”. Building a bridge over the area and closing Hope Road would have done this. Instead, the current plans force rat runs all through the area, and increased traffic means increased road kill and emissions.
Instead of using reserved land to build the link, let’s destroy Cockburn Sound instead. Why on earth would they wish to destroy a large marine ecosystem and native bushland to build an outer harbour and port area, especially as the current port in Fremantle is at 50 per cent capacity.
“Don’t build Roe 8 we don’t need more roads”. So instead let’s just duplicate all the roads around the wetlands and build the biggest roundabout on Leach/Stirling Highway, destroying homes. While not removing any of the trucks/traffic congestion from Leach highway. For trucks/road trains to safely go around, this roundabout will have be massive. Wouldn’t a tunnel beneath the area be so much better?
It would remove the trucks off the highway, and decrease traffic and we wouldn’t need a roundabout.
But, hey, let’s just Rethink the Link because this sounds better than a federally-funded, planned, approved, safe and viable transport infrastructure that the state didn’t have to pay for. It would have created jobs and future revenue.
If the Rethink the Link campaign results in an outer harbour it will end up being one of the most environmentally damaging campaigns ever run.
And that doesn’t even begin to mention the billions of dollars of WA taxpayers money paying for the bandaid ‘rethink’ traffic solutions.
Lorna Hardy
Bibra Lake

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